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27 February 2001 Issue

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The TV show, Survivor, in an attempt to garnish high ratings has stooped to the lowest form of sensationalism, animal brutality and death. They believed the repetitive stabbing of a helpless pig and its anguished screams of fear and pain would generate a large viewing audience. They suppported the disgusting scene of Michael, the man that stabbed the pig, smearing the murdered pig's blood across his face after he had pleasurably knifed it to death. (This was a sick individual, not a hero)

Such actions won't be tolerated by the AR society and we definitely will let our voices be heard.

Anyone that missed the special edition dedicated to the murder of the pig can find the issue at our website.
18 February 2001, Special "Urgent" Edition

Please continue to write and protest. We cannot let violence against animals become a commonplace form of entertainment.

I wrote to Anna at Peta and received the following good news. They are investigating the possibility of bringing legal action against The Survivor show for the unnecessary murder of the feral pig on their Feb 15, 2001 show. Please check the following link for updates.

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Sign Petition
More On Survivor  is currently hosting a petition entitled \"Survivor\" Sells Out. Please sign this to protest the killing of a pig on the show "Survivor" and to urge producers not to do this again in the next round of shows. To go directly to the petition, click on the below link:

Free Online Global Petition Hosting -  

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As of January 1, The Witness has been made available to organizations that wish to resell it to their members or the general public. Given that Tribe of Heart has been able to distribute over 2,700 copies with hardly any advertising or marketing, we feel a major opportunity exists for those organizations that have members interested in animal issues. We have also developed new terms for people who wish to sell videos at their community screenings. Please visit our web site to learn more about our distribution program or call 607-275-0806.  

For those who don't know, The Witness is a powerful and true story of a Brooklyn construction and street guy who because an animal activist -- how it happened, etc. It is a film that shows animal cruelty but in a way that grips viewers and compels them to want to do something -- it is not the typical bunny-hugger kind of story that often turns people away -- this is reality and people know it and are disgusted by it. It's the kind of film the antis do not want the public to see -- especially in this format.

[email protected]

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I hope you all take a few minutes to visit this site.
BY: Virginia Trendall [email protected]
Fur'n Feather

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To send a fax for free, go to:  or

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Sheriff Rick Bart says the boys were just careless when they tortured the little kitten now called Angel. As far as he's concerned, the matter is over. Folks, the eyewitnesses, the vet reports, and interviews with kids who knew what really happened all prove this is a case of deliberate and wanton torture.. Please, you can read the full account at the website (URL given below )

"The good news is we got signed witness statement from eyewitnesses and irrefutable veterinary medical reports that this was an unconscionable act of intentional animal cruelty. The BAD news - the sheriff, renown for not pursing animal cruelty cases in this particular county, says the two 13-year-old boys who did this were simply being "careless" and never "intended" to hurt the kitten!

PLEASE go to our website
and click on the Angel update.

Susan Michaels

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