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From 28 March 2001 Issue:


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My name is Leanna Mahan, I prefer, Leann. I live in the Dayton Ohio area. I am married and the mother of 8.... 2 human girls, 3 fur boys and 3 fur girls

I have been involved in rescue nearly my entire life, "thanks to my father" who is now in the heavens above.

Officially (if you will) I have been involved with Internet "rescue" for 3 years. After the passing of my beagle boy, Snoopy, (he was 16) there was a Hugh void in my life until one of my friends introduced me to rescue on the net.

I have fostered and transported countless dogs, A few rabbits, squirrels and one cat:)

Local Police also bring me dogs that have been abused, neglected etc.............

At this time I have 6 dogs........ 5 are rescues that others didn't want.

Buddy, English Shepherd. came to us 4 years ago. He was physically and emotionally abused. You would never know it now. We call Buddy the Wal Mart greeter,,,, every visitor comes to see him :) He required many surgeries for serious skin conditions. (cysts and tumors) One cysts in particular was on his lower back hip, the roots were growing into his spine. (Nine inch incision) this was a scarey surgery but had to be done. All went well !

Tyra, Staffybull/mix. Rescued and adopted 2 years ago from a kill shelter in WV. at the time Tyra was only 8 to 10 months old and it was to be her last day on earth. Tyra was marked for death,,,,, they were referring to her as a "pit bull". So off to WV I went. She is BY FAR, the sweetest furbaby ever !

Tiny, Tibetan Spaniel. Rescued and adopted 2 years ago. At the time she was supposed to be 8 to 10 years old. She is older,,, we don't care,, this is her retirement home. Her former family divorced and dropped her off at a shelter in KY. Due to her age,,,, she was in danger.

Puffin, a 2 1/2 year old Blonde Pom. 3 3/4 pounds... He is the boss lol you never know any of the other babies are around EXCEPT Puffin. Rescued and adopted him from a Columbus Ohio shelter last june. Puffin was left at the shelter by puppymillers or BYBs. His testicles had not dropped and his navel was herniated. "THANK GOODNESS"

Jack, less than a year old peke/mix. He was dumped at a gas station in KY. We picked him up on our way to a Search and Rescue deployment in Jan. He was malnourised and had been shot with paint ball pellets ! PINK paint around his face and sides! I left my info at the gas station,,,,,,, no one has called and I didn't expect them too. They wouldn't get him back now anyway ! He is a part of our family and VERY happy. At first I thought Jack was Deaf.... I would baby talk to him, NOTHING, NO RESPONSE whatsoever ! Finally figured out he had NO or little human contact/love. Its been wonderful to watch him blossom.

I am the owner of [email protected]   WE are an "ALL" animal ~ Nationwide Rescue group. We do not discriminate against any of "gods creatures."

I am also involved with Search and Rescue for the State of Ohio. My K9 partner is Alexis. A 4 year old German bred, German Shepherd. We are called out in times of disaster and/or missing humans. (This too is volunteer.) Alexis and I have spent over 3 years in training and we are still continuing our education. We have been asked to join the Federal Search and Rescue team. We would have been ready for certifications upcoming in April, but I have had pneumonia 3 times since our last SAR deployment (in KY) in January. Although Alexis is not a rescue, she is treated the same as my other babies.

I do NOT believe in having OUTSIDE dogs! They need a loving~family environment as much as human children.

All of my babies have free rain of the house,,,, and sleep with my husband and I...

I have a privacy fence, 8 feet tall in my back yard. My babies go in and out as they please. All of my rescues and or fosters are altered, UTD and on monthly HW prevent. Best "rescue" wishes with your new list. >>

I look forward to getting to know all of you.

[email protected]
[email protected]

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