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From Animals in Print 3 December 2000 Issue:



Note Lucy was a dog that was allegedly abused by DR GINSBERG, while under his care and subsequently died. Lisa Marie was witness to this abuse and bravely reported the incident. We reported this in a previous issue. This is where the situation presently stands,

By next week the state trial hearing will be on the docket (set date). There will be one administrative judge at hearing, with the Attorney General representing the state and, of course, Ginsbergs "tough" attorneys. After that hearing, the administrative judge has 30-60 days to present his recommendation re his license to practice. The judges recommendation will be presented to the state veterinarian board, who will make final decision regarding t case. At both trial hearing and vet board meeting public can attend. Lucy shall be there in spirit. I shall attend with my head held high, thinking of Lucy and all of you. God Bless.

Lisa Marie

The State combined seven separate complaints into the charges against Ginsberg, which include:

Allegedly allowing unlicensed personnel to treat animals; failing to maintain clinic hygiene, including failing to sterilize dental instruments and syringes after use; use new sterile surgery drapes; using "super glue" during cat declawing procedures; dispensing expired drugs and medication to animals; abusing and neglecting animals; failing to timely euthanize some animals; failing to maintain records related to purchases and dispensing of controlled substances.

Source:[email protected]   (Lisa Marie)

Animals In Print, Fact Sheet:

The Source Of Vitamin D In Milk

Marshmallows are also derived from pork :-(

Source: [email protected] 



I've been meaning to send this out to ask for thank yous. I wish I'd gotten to it faster!

Dear Mr. Chorush:

We've gotten several comments about the rabbit trimmed boots and I have discussed this issue with our merchants. We will not have any additional fur items this season, nor do we have plans to have any in upcoming seasons. As you put it, this seems to have been an oversight on our part.

I'd like to discuss this issue with you if you have some time. My number is 212-209-2573 (collect is OK).

Thank you for your concern for this issue.


David Towers Director,
Customer Experience J.Crew


The pigs have been killed for the exhibit by the Frontier Museum.

Thank you to everyone who tried to stop this.

Frontier Culture Museum
PO BOX 810
Staunton, VA 24402-0810
540-332-9989 Fax
[email protected]   ( Jane McCone- Director) [email protected]   (Alex Tillen- Interpretation Director)

Sergei Troubetzkoy, Executive Director
[email protected] 

Richard P. Bell
[email protected]

Jean M. Donovan, Ph.D.
[email protected] 

Senator Emit Hanger Jr. (Chairman Of Museum Board)
540-885-6777 Fax

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