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From 4 July 2001 Issue

This communique was sent to several groups by an ALF cell in Utah.

Greetings from Salt Lake City, Utah.

Last night, we smashed nearly all of the 45 windows of the Bed Bath & Beyond store in an area of Salt Lake known as Sugar House.  In addition, the 4 large front doors and panels of the store were smashed, and the building was spray painted with slogans.

Bed Bath & Beyond was targeted because of their financial association with Stephens, Inc.  Stephens is a major investor in Huntington Life Sciences, and will be targeted by direct action campaigns until they sell every last stock they own in Huntington and do not renew the $33,000,000 loan that they gave to Huntington earlier this year.

Stephens Inc., on their website, proclaims, "Our investment approach is one of partnership -- We think and act like an owner."  If Stephens is going to live up to their promise, then they are to be held accountable for the animal torture and sloppy science conducted by Huntington Life Sciences.  All compainies that are associated with Stephens in any way will be considered targets.  This action should be taken only as a warning.  If Stephens does not comply with our demands as many other companies have been forced to, they will suffer irreperable economic losses.

The underground has long been dormant in Utah, this action should serve as a warning to all animal abusers that we will not allow their crimes against the animals and the earth to go unpunished.  Actions will continue untill all life is free.

This action is dedicated to the 500 animals that will die today in the laboratories of HLS.

Actions were taken in solidarity with all of our comrades who are sitting in jail for "crimes' of compassion and to all of the animals who are awaiting a death sentence for no other crime than that of being born into their species.

There is no justice... Just Us!

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