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Animals In Print
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From 7 August 2001 Issue

By Judith Marie Gansen

How To Have Fun

Reading, swimming, crafts, hockey, bicycling, photography, art, movies, camping, hiking, video games, baseball, play with a child, board games, walks, tennis, billiards, mountain climbing, whitewater rafting, museums, NSYNC music, skateboarding, badminton, surfing, volleyball, bungie jumping, dancing, music, stamp collecting, coin collecting, Star Trek conventions, antiques, learning sign language, baking cookies, woodworking, restoring cars, eating out, sewing, planting trees, roller blading, stock car racing, sledding, golf, pinball, riverboat ride, running through a sprinkler, sculpting, train rides, cross-country skiing, hiking, snowboarding, decorating, horseshoes, see a play, pick apples, eat a peanut butter and banana sandwich, read Peanuts, make candles, videotape wildlife, make a memory book, water skiing, boat racing.

Festivals, live concerts, parks, picnics, boating, parachute jumping, scuba diving, book fairs, vegetarian cooking classes, TV, ice skating, Shania Twain music, roller skating, football, basketball, soccer, surfing the net, kayaking, acting, singing, picnics, collectibles, nature centers, wrestling, Battlebots, blowing bubbles, playing with a dog, Frisbee, building sand castles, Star Wars, making ice sculptures, parties, garage sales, windsailing, gardening, making snowangels, knitting, birdwatching, shopping, Nascar....

What do these fun things have in common?  They do not involve exploitation and inhumane treatment of animals.  Please don't patronize rodeos, circuses, and animal sideshows.  With all the fun there is to have out there, we don't need to hurt or frighten another species to have a good time.  Fun isn't fun if it is done at the expense of another living being of ANY species.

Judith Marie Gansen
Staff: Animals in Print
[email protected]

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