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Please look at your own pets and imagine them homeless. If it were not for a wonderful couple like Sandra and Roger, they would not have a life at all!

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It has become necessary for the GAIA Animal Rehabilitation Center in Fowlerville, Michigan to move its 412 animals to a different facility - a massive and costly undertaking because of the threats of shooting and poisoning the animals.

Without the help of the two - yes, only two - people who run this facility, these 412 animals would be completely homeless!

Sandra Luce is an Ann Arbor, Michigan school teacher and she and her husband, Roger, have been animal rescuers for over 27 years and have been providing sanctuary to animals for the past 20 years. They are presently hosting 412 animals comprised mainly of cats but also some older dogs that no one seems to want.

GAIA accepts all kitties with infectious diseases ( FIV, feline leukemia, cancer, and all other diseases) and kitties that are blind, crippled, paralyzed, missing limbs, etc. - all kitties that would just never have another chance for someone to take care of them in a safe and loving home. There are cats of every kind and breed there. They also have cats in good health that have not yet been able to find loving forever homes.

Their contracted veterinarian, Dr. Karla Houghton, of the Carousel Cat Clinic, of Farmington Hills, Michigan, performs sterilization and medical care for all the GAIA animals.

Roger and Sandra had just purchased their present 4,000 square foot, 100% indoor, heated, sanctuary in Fowlerville, Livingston County, Michigan in the Spring of 2000 and, after all surrounding neighbors had given approval and complying with many inspections, Handie Township offered them a variance permit to be issued upon completion of the use permit.

However, a homeowner from a tenth of a mile mile west of GAIA that also owned a 60-acre piece of land adjacent to GAIA started filing complaints of cat urine smells, stray dogs, and they even complained about Rogers Model T Ford. They felt it looked junky!

Livingston County's politicians voted to support their neighbor's point of view!

The fact is that the health department surveyed the situation and it was determined that the smells were coming from the 60 acres owned by the neighbors who were complaining. The ground had very poor drainage, it would not pert, and their own fertilizer was bubbling to the surface after the heavy spring rains! Builders refuse to build on this land. The mysterious dogs were never seen by any other neighbors nor could any trace of them be found, and GAIA's dogs had never been out of their enclosures. Rogers Model T Ford is in perfect condition and has a current Michigan license plate.

In June and July of this year, Detroit's Channel 7 (ABC Network) TV news sent camera crews out and did two stories on GAIA with only the highest quality of remarks on the cleanliness and conditions at GAIA.

In the July 2001 issue of Cat Fancy Magazine their was a four-page, centerfold story with pictures honoring GAIA as the animal sanctuary of the month.

WHAT'S GOING ON ***********

During one of the Handie Township meetings held to discuss the complaints filed, several members of the neighbor's family blurted out that the whole problem could be solved if Roger and Sandra would purchase the 60 acres for $300,000 and that, if they refused, all the animals should be cremated. It was after this meeting that the threats of shooting and poisoning the animals began.

In addition, this evil spirited clan also has a couple of attorneys in the family to support their agenda of extortion.

Roger's and Sandra's attorney feels that if they took this to court GAIA would win the battle against their thieving neighbor - but what of the threats to kill the animals? Sandra and Roger both feel it is not worth the risk of injury to any of their beloved kitties or dogs to continue trying to shelter their flock in Handie Township or in Livingston County.

Livingston County's politicians voted to support their neighbor's point of view, the owners have decided that it is in the animals' best interests to move to a different facility.

At the new facility, there would be no neighbors which would allow Sandra and Roger to continue sheltering and caring for their 412 animals without further nonsense!

This move is a massively expensive undertaking which is in addition to

The goal is to raise $500,000 for the purchase of this new facility for the animals on a 125-acre property with five shelter buildings in Ingham County.

Remember these are animals that would have no life if it were not for Sandra and Roger!

Please help all you can. Donations should be sent to:

GAIA Animal Rehabilitation Center 9530 Judd Rd, Fowlerville, Michigan 48836 Tel: (517) 521-1333 Email: [email protected]

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