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From 7 November 2001 Issue

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UPDATE: Huntingdon Life Sciences Loses Market Makers 

Thanks to constant and consistent pressure from all of you, Huntingdon Life Sciences has lost all of its U.S. market makers!!  A market maker is a company who matches up buyers to sellers and vice versa as shares are traded in the company.   Without this facility, those who wish to trade shares in HLS are forced to find a buyer or seller on their own.

As a result of losing all of their market makers, HLS has been kicked off the Over The Counter Bulletin Board (OTCBB) -- a stock exchange already reserved for dying companies.  This has also created a great hindrance for HLS's plans to become a U. S. - listed company -- a fate Managing Director Brian Cass stated would signify that SHAC had "effectively won" the campaign to close HLS.

Now it is time to be on alert, to be ready to hammer any company foolish enough to take up HLS.  SHAC-USA has sent letters to all the potential market makers for HLS informing them of the horrors inside the lab, noting that we've forced every market maker thus far to sever its ties, encouraging the company not to deal with HLS and assuring them that we will include them in our pressure campaign if they do.


If any company is foolish enough to act as a market maker for HLS, SHAC-USA will send out an alert the moment we hear of it.  We are constantly watching the stock and will release all pertinent information immediately.  Then it is up to all of you not to give them a second of rest.  We will treat new market makers no differently than we've treated those that have already caved to our pressure.  If we are all ready and waiting, no company will last long as a market maker for this vile lab.

As for now, enjoy our current victory, and be ready when we need another.

2001-the year to smash HLS

(Please note...we are working on changing the signature of close HLS posts.   The information is constantly changing.  Oracle Partners has confirmed they are withdrawing from HLS, and Bank of New York is not currently a target as HLS works to become U. S. listed.  Please focus all your campaign efforts on Stephens Inc.)

Additional Update:

Last week was filled with actions against HLS and Stephens. Check out the website for full reports: . As always, there are constantly actions all over the country and all over the world in this sure to check the website daily to hear about them...and more importantly--do your part to contribute! Shutting down HLS is not a spectator sport!

Tuesday, November 13: HLS presentation disrupted in San Diego (= HLS disrupted three times in one day--check out for reports of two disruptions today in the UK)

Tuesday, November 13: Chicago Stephens executive gets a surprise 7 am home visit!

Wednesday, November 14: Activists in NYC pass security and sticker Stephens Inc.'s 24th floor office and the surrounding floor

Friday, November 16: Demonstration at HLS's NJ facility in remembrance of Barry Horne, a UK activist who passed away last week on hunger strike. This event joined events around the world on the day of Barry's funeral

Friday, November 16: Stephens stInc.!--a stink bomb was released in the Dallas, TX office.

Check out for full reports

Smash HLS!

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