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From 7 October 2003 Issue


Early Friday morning, October 3rd,  members of the Animal Liberation Front allegedly visited the home of Jerry Greenwalt who oversees the murder of more than 44,000 companion animals every year in LA City pounds. Greenwalt's home and tax-payer-supplied automobile were painted with comments decrying his killing of innocent animals. No communiqué has been issued as of this time to Animal Defense League-LA or any other animal group.  

In an LA Times article, Greenwalt spouts the usual lies about declining kill rates and increasing adoptions. These are blatant falsehoods and his unwillingness to make actual figures available to the public confirm his deceit. Killing even one healthy, precious animal should be a crime.

Greenwalt's spin on the numbers don't interest us OR the animals whose lives he takes so calmly and with so little regard. WE KNOW THE TRUTH about GREENWALT and his henchmen,  and we will continue to legally educate the public, no matter how many lies he or others in the department tell.

Animal Defense League LA does not engage in, advocate or encourage illegal activities. We are not the Animal Liberation Front. The Animal Liberation Front or ALF as they are known, is an underground group of brave warriors who risk their lives and freedom to liberate animals and who do actions that the animals who are imprisoned in their cages cannot do for themselves, with no accolades nor any remuneration!.

The ALF perform these illegal actions on behalf of the animals; they do these actions because we are too afraid and unwilling to do them.
We are certain that the cats, dogs, puppies, kittens and bunny rabbits who are imprisoned in their cages right now, shivering from fright and who will soon be taken to the "kill" room and murdered in loneliness and fear are proud of the ALF and wish they could have been there to grab a can of paint in their little paws and join in the tagging of the house owned by the man responsible for killing and imprisoning them. The animals are tired of Greenwalt's lies, mismanagement and abuse. From the animals point of view, LAAS and the shelter employees are all Nazis. It's "ground zero" every single day for the animals inside our city Death Camps.

ADL-LA will continue to pursue legal avenues to FIRE GREENWALT and Stop Killing Companion Animals Today. It is more important then ever for YOU to GET UP, GET ACTIVE AND SPEAK OUT ON BEHALF OF THE ANIMALS.
If the ALF can do the things THEY do and take the risks THEY take, then it should be EASY for us to go to legal protests, speak out at commission meetings, make phone calls, fax and e-mail the people who need to hear from us and educate the public by leafleting, etc.  

See you at the commission meeting on Tuesday. Read your SKCAT October Alert #2 to find out when and where.
And be on the alert for the directions to the legal Animal Defense League-LA Demonstration that is coming up soon.

This action alert/new brief was brought to you by the Fire Greenwalt/S.K.C.A.T Campaign. This is an internet action alert/new brief for encouraging legal protest against the Killing of Companion Animals Today in our city shelters and to Fire GM Greenwalt.

For general information on the campaign, please visit the website
  Alternatively, contact the Fire Greenwalt/ S.K.C.A.T. campaign at [email protected]  

Nothing in this email is intended to encourage illegal acts of any kind.

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