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From 8 October 2001 Issue

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Poultry Management and Behavior:
Severe Pododermatitis in Broiler Breeder Hens

194 Severe pododermatitis in broiler breeder hens housed on pressure-treated slats.

Abstract: Severe foot-pad dermatitis was diagnosed in a case of broiler hens housed on slats made of lumber pressure- treated with chromated copper arsenate.   Studies were conducted in an attempt to determine whether contact with the lumber caused the lesions.  Breeder pullets were housed for 17 weeks on slats made from either untreated oak or pressure-treated lumber.  Cresylic acid disinfectant was applied to one set of each slat type.  Foot-pad lesions were scored and tissue arsenic levels were measured. Foot pads of the hens on pressure-treated slats were the only tissue with detectable arsenic levels.  All groups developed foot-pad lesions, although the lesions appeared to be most severe, and to have developed earlier, in birds on pressure-treated disinfected slats.


194 NAL Call. No.: 41.8 Av5 Severe pododermatitis in broiler breeder hens housed on pressure-treated slats. Sander, J.E.; Wilson, J.L.; Bush, P.B.; Rowland, G.N. Kennett Square, Pa. : American Association of Avian Pathologists; 1994 Jan. Avian diseases v. 38 (1): p. 172-176; 1994 Jan. Includes references.


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