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Folks Discuss the Anthrax Scare
By Mary T. Hoffman

Folks discuss the anthrax scare
While chewing burgers rare;
They aren't aware,
Nor seem to care
What germs are lurking there:

Dangerous microbes in their meat,
Prions that defy the heat,
Feces (now, that's quite a treat!)
(Milk and meat I will not eat!)

"Irradiation is the way,"
That's what so-called experts say:
Treat our food with atom's ray.
Don't worry about a future day
When mutant microbes go astray,
While nutrients have fled away:
Deny, and look the other way.

No enemy can do more harm
Than what may come from a factory farm.
Yet anyone who cries "alarm"
Risks being sent to a "funny" farm.

Food-borne illness is our bequest
It hastens the day of eternal rest.


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