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Animals In Print
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I am not a piece of leather.
I am not a pair of shoes.
I am not yours for you
to do with what you choose.

I will not be bruised or beaten.
I will not be whipped or chained.
I will not be sold for profit
for mere financial gain.

nl-27sep2001-meganbud.jpg (35070 bytes)Despite my strong defiance,
I cannot speak a word.
Despite how much I suffer,
my death still goes unheard.

I can think that I am not yours,
or believe my heart is free.
But it's foolish to not notice
The grim reality.

I am made to entertain you.
I'm for you to eat and wear.
I am made for you to test on
I am made for you to scare.

I am cut up in a lab,
Or cut up on a plate.
Why can't it be you,
who saves me from this fate?

It doesn't take much effort.
It just begins with some caring...
Give compassion to all beings
and start animal-millionairing!


Photo: Megan and Buddy
"She's not heavy.  She's my buddy!

NOTE: "Animal Millionaire" is a concept mentioned by Erik Marcus at the 2001 Farm Sanctuary Hoedown... Vegetarians and vegans can save only a limited number of animals by not eating animal products, but by sharing veganism and teaching compassion to others, the amount of animals saved can be so much more... And so we would hope that each vegan's life goal would be to become an animal millionaire!

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