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Have A Heart Not A Hearse

LA...lala lalala !
De de DAH!
Isn't is it a lovely day.
A good day for some facts.
That is ..if you got the heart for it.
Hee hee hee.
Not lookin too good for the meat eaters.
OOOOPS the "Meat Board" isn`t going to like this.
LA...lala lalala !
De de DAH!
Every 25 seconds someone be gettin the heart attack.
They be dyin from one every 45 seconds.
Heart attack be the most common killer of us big important humans.
Us that so proudly have dominion over animals.
We who be closen our hearts to the horrors of the Slaughterhouses.
Preening our own smuggness and indifference.
LA...lala lalala !
De de DAH!
Hey you men
You got 50% chance of dying from heart attack.
What they be sayin about the little woman?
"Bringing home tha bacon and frying it up in the pan!
LA...lala lalala !
De de DAH!
Treat her good-don`t ya??
LA...lala lalala !
De de DAH!
The average American man that be eatin no meat,
He be havin 15% risk of dying from the heart attack.
LA...lala lalala !
(Your Mom always told "Eat your vegatables"
Mommy loved you!!! )
The American man that be eatin no meat, dairy products or eggs,
He be havin 4% chance of dyin from heart attack.
Reduce your eatin of these (?)"fine" foods,
Meat, dairy products and eggs by 10%.
You lower your risk of the heart attack by 9%!
Then if you be gettin even smarter, lower that face stuffin by 50%,
You be lowering that there risk by 45%!
LA...lala lalala !
De de DAH!
James Garner hired by them meat packing people,
He be praisin that "Beef",
He be sayin, "Real Food For Real People"!
Poor James, he found out he was real !!
He got himself a quintuple coronary artery bypass.
It don`t get better than that!
Not for the doctors$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
LA...lala lalala !
De de DAH!
Say----are you gettin the beat here????
Is your heart in it?
In your arteries???
Well see ya around.
Will it be under or on top of the ground? la la la la !
De de DAH!
Have A Heart not a hearse.

By Linda Beane
Animal liberation is a very real & obtainable goal.
Go vegan! Fight animal cruelties! Eat a plant-based diet!

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