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I Saw A Possum Die Last Night
By: Linda Beane [email protected]

I saw a possum die last night.
The blank unblinking halogen eyes of my car saw it first.
Lying there, on its asphalt altar.
The sacrificial indifference of a NewYear's Eve driver.
I rushed from my cushioned metal box to its side.
"OH GOD, LET IT DIE!" I screamed.
The dark, cave sky yawned but didn't answer.
I felt so heavy and tight.
Grief wrapped itself around me like a saran wrapped straight-jacket.
Suddenly everything was about me.
I too became the victim of the automated predator.
The possum lifted its head and looked at me.
Our eyes, our eyes both knew.
Oh GOD. I wasn't enough.
I was helpless too.
Help, Oh God help it.
All it was.
All I was not.
Blood dripped like a leaky faucet from its ears.
The red sticky moisture ran from its` mouth.
Ran as if escaping from the shock and horror.
I turned to my silent, watching husband.
He stood there, gripped by own his ineptness.
"Get a shovel from one of the houses" I screamed.
My hysterical command hung in the air waiting for his return.
Finally the shovel.
"Get the blanket from mycar! HURRY!!!"
Placing the blanket beside the possum
My husband gently moved it to its deathbed.
Together we lifted it to the waiting cradle of the curb.
The possum died.
IT died.
Death, I try to run from you and to gather in my arms, all the voiceless
creatures you stalk.
Last night I lost!
I saw a possum die last night.

Written By: Linda Beane [email protected]

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