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Animals In Print
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The From Trust To Dust Video
By Linda Beane

Hey homies! Yeah all of you!
Lookey here.
Got something for your reading displeasure,
The reality of your own skippidy doo-dah neglect!
The "Trust To Dust" Video,
Produced from all your none-efforts.
Featuring all the pets you abandoned.
Dogs, cats, kittens, pups.
Caged in wire cells ,waiting for your return.
These nuisance pets are in for big surprise!
A terrifying death, sentenced by you, their adored homey.
Mercifully called "HUMANE KILLING"
Two double talking words?
They kind of slippy
-slide together.
Handholding eloquence.
Divine, superfine twisty words!!!
Don't all you homies love them?
The superb, hand honed, conscience clearing, contradiction.
Good words for the works of the Animal Shelter,
answer to disposable pets. "HUMANE KILLING"
Lethal Injection or The Gas Chamber?
Both fine ways to eliminate "fur friends.
Fire up the incinerator Mama, Poppa is about to do his thing!
His exercise in extinction.
Ethnic cleansing at its best.
The super, duper "trust to dust" one way ride to oblivion.

But wait...........................................................................

Hey Homie, ever think about this?
You got the power to turn your trusting fur friends to dust,
and you do it.
They wouldn't do that to you.
Gods' chosen creatures, humans.
Ain't we all  so special now???

By Linda Beane


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