Bulls Set On Fire in Spanish Blood Fiesta
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Bulls Set On Fire in Spanish Blood Fiesta

Please notify the contacts listed below. Urge everyone you know to do the same.  Demand this sadistic and hideous 'form of entertainment' remain in history books and not continue in the 21st century. 

On November 11, 2006 bulls will be set afire in Medinaceli, Spain to honor the sadistic Toro Jubilo (Bull of Fire). Similar blood fiestas are ongoing throughout Spain. Please write before, during and after Nov. 11 -- to demand enforcement of laws that shield animals from violent ritual.

In addition to Kinship Circle's sample letter below, you may send postcards available at International Movement Against Bullfights/Campaigns Against Bloody Fiestas: http://www.iwab.org/ongoingcampaigns.html 

Kinship Circle did not create the postcards. If you have trouble utilizing them, CONTACT: Maria Lopes, [email protected] 

Maria Lopes, [email protected] 

Campaigns Against Bloody "Fiestas"

Feel free to use portions of our letter, but please add some original
thoughts. Hundreds of identical letters may lessen the impact.

City Hall of Medinaceli
Excmo. Ayuntamiento de Medinaceli.
Plaza del Ayuntamiento, n 1.C.P: 42240
Medinaceli (Soria)
fax: + 34 975326053; email: [email protected] 
web email: (click "buzon del ciudadano," right side of the page + click on
small icon with pencil, center of page) http://www.medinaceli.info/ 

President of the Diputación Prov. Soria
C/ Caballeros, 17 Soria
SORIA 42071
ph: +34 975 211089; fax: +34 975 101091
email: [email protected], [email protected] 

Turism of Soria: [email protected] 

President of the Junta de Castilla y Leon
Plaza de Castilla y Leon,1
fax: + 34 983411269; email: [email protected] 
web email (in Spanish):

Turism of Castilla y León: [email protected] 

Honorable Officials:

I am appalled the Toro Jubilo (Bull of Fire) still takes place in Medinaceli, Spain. This is the 21st Century, yet it is acceptable for street mobs to harass a released bull with balls of burning pitch attached to his horns. The balls are ablaze for hours, scorching the bull's horns, body and eyes. Some bulls try to end their agony by smashing into walls.

I cannot tour or otherwise support any society that ignores the senseless brutalization of animals. I will advise others to join me in a boycott of Spanish tourism and commerce until the Toro Jubilo and other blood fiestas are permanently banned.

Please amend Spanish law to cover animals sacrificed for amusement or religion. I urge you to enforce stronger animal protection laws that shield animals from all forms abuse, including vulgar rituals and blood fiestas. Anyone who victimizes animals should be prosecuted and punished.

While different cultures may not understand each other's customs, all rational humans comprehend cruelty. Setting fire to a live animal is clearly sadistic. It is time for all regions of Spain to subscribe to the ethical doctrines that shape our civilized world. Heritage, entertainment, art and religion never justify outright torture.


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