House vote on AETA this Monday - Act Now!
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House vote on AETA this Monday - Act Now!

Defend Your Right To Speak for Animals

The Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (H.R. 4239)

FOLLOW STEPS 1-3 BELOW, to defend your right to advocate for animal protection -- without being labeled a terrorist.

1. Identify Your Representative & Find Contact Info:
- USA House of Representatives - 
- House Judiciary Committee Members - 
- -
- Project Vote Smart - 


2. Sample Letter To Fax And/Or Email
(Click here to download a printable copy to send/ fax)
Use portions of our sample letter, but please add original thoughts.
Hundreds of identical letters lessen impact.

The Honorable Representative _________________________________


Dear Representative __________________________________,

I strongly oppose the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA), H.R. 4239/S. As last Tuesday's election results confirm, Americans want to protect the individual freedoms entrusted in our Constitution.

Please oppose AETA and its shameful attempt to equate activists with terrorists. This bill inflates the Animal Enterprise Protection Act of 1992 with disproportionately harsh penalties for anyone who simply intends to interfere with an animal enterprise and whose actions cause a corporate profit loss of at least $10,000.

AETA is not genuinely targeted to fight terrorism. Instead, it casts a wide net that criminalizes protected free speech. Shockingly, the Senate passed S. 3880 on 9/29/06 by unanimous consent, with little regard for the flood of opposition from its constituency. Now the House appears ready to vote on AETA, with no discussions or amendments.

At the very least, re-open House hearings for a full and fair debate from citizens who will be affected.If AETA were law many years ago, the suffragettes, Harriet Tubman, Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks and even Mahatma Ghandi would have been branded terrorists.

AETA may castigate whistle-blowers and cruelty investigators. For example, this bill potentially disarms government inspectors or consumer watchdog groups who seek to expose suspected mad cow disease or allegations of cruelty and unhygienic conditions inside a puppy mill, research lab or factory farm. Their job is to interfere with an "animal enterprise."

AETA is excessive. Disciplinary measures already exist for vandalism, property loss, criminal trespass, harassment, assault and bodily injury. If animal advocates commit these crimes, they should be arrested and prosecuted in the same manner as other lawbreakers.

The Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act wastes taxpayer money. It erodes the First Amendment rights of valid organizations and law-abiding citizens. AETA is opposed by more than 100 animal protection and social justice organizations. Please hear your constituents: Oppose the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (H.R. 4239).

Your name
Your address
Your email


3. Talking Points To Use In Phone Call To Your Rep
- Call direct or use the switchboard 202-225-3121
- Ask your Rep to oppose AETA (H.R. 4239). TALKING POINTS BELOW.
- If your Rep is on the Judiciary Committee, your contact will have the greatest impact!
- If the line busy, try their direct number. 

*AETA is opposed by more than 100 animal protection and social justice
organizations, including the National Lawyers Guild, Humane Society of
the U.S., League of Humane Voters...

- Full list online:
- PDF format to download and send to Rep [CLICK ON: Printer-friendly 1-page list]

* AETA interferes with prosecution of real terrorism against the American people.
* AETA interferes with prosecution of unlawful practices of animal enterprises.
* AETA is excessively broad and vague by covering remote third parties.
* AETA brands as 'terrorists' nonviolent animal protection advocates.
* AETA brands as 'terrorism' nonviolent civil disobedience and undercover investigations.
* AETA may authorize unwarranted wiretapping of animal protection advocates.
* AETA denies equal protection under the law and limits freedom of speech and assembly.
* AETA has a chilling effect on all forms of social justice and life affirming advocacy.


11/10/06: AETA was added to the Suspension calendar for Monday 11/13.

That means there will most likely be an up/down vote -- no discussion, no amendments -- late Monday 11/13 sometime after 6:30 pm. Two-thirds of those present must vote for it in order for it to pass. They will have the votes if all the lame duck Republicans show up in D.C. on Monday and we can't get
enough Democrat House members to vote against it. There are a fair amount of Bushistic Democrats in the House who actually favor this measure.

- AETA passed by "unanimous consent" in the Senate before the election (S 3880).
- AETA vote expected in the House at any time (HR 4239).
- AETA still supported by most House Reps (including Democrats).

For continuing updates, bookmark:
Equal Justice Alliance - 

[email protected] 

The Equal Justice Alliance is a national coalition of social advocacy organizations preserving free speech and equal treatment under the law. Kinship Circle is an active member of the Equal Justice Alliance.

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