Your Help is Needed to Ban the "Net and Bolt" on Deer
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Your Help is Needed to Ban the
"Net and Bolt" on Deer

Dear Friends,

I have been working constantly for over a year to try to prevent net & bolt in Millburn. It is a cruel & inhumane method of slaughtering deer in back yards where firearms cannot be used. Princeton has, unfortunately, gotten away with it for several years and continues to net & bolt deer. Princeton is also in the 7th year of its 5 year deer management program proving its ineffectiveness.

For those who may not know what net & bolt is:

First deer are baited underneath a large drop net. When several deer are present, the net is dropped trapping them. As wild, flighty, free-range animals they panic. They thrash, cutting themselves and the other deer; they often break their legs. Then an agent attempts to restrain a deer while another fires a 4 inch steel bolt through their skull. The deer are strong, and if they shift, the bolt gun goes into their eye, ear, jaw causing painful wounding. The bolt gun must be reloaded to again bolt them until they are dead.

Two days ago, I sent out special delivery two full packets to Governor Corzine and DEP Commissioner Lisa Jackson. They contained the letters of eight professional organizations and individuals vehemently against net & bolt. One was the NJ Society for the Prevention of Cruelty Towards Animals that cited as per NJSA 4:22-17(a), net & bolt is illegal as it constitutes cruelty towards animals.

I also sent out copies of all the ADs that were run in the local newspapers against net & bolt, including a full-page petition of 40 businesses in Millburn and 200 + residents.

Now they need to hear an outcry from many many residents in NJ asking them to IMMEDIATELY BAN net & bolt. They have enough genuine proof that it is inhumane, cruel, and NOT a wildlife management tool. They need proof that many NJ residents know about it, are sickened by it and care enough to make the call to get it BANNED. Corzine and Jackson can easily justify a ban as even hunters voiced opposition to net & bolt and two Fish & Game Council members are disgusted that Community Based Deer Management takes away from recreational hunting and are voting against applications.

PLEASE do not underestimate the value of your calls to them.....and PLEASE PLEASE get everyone you can to call them, too, and plead that it be BANNED in NJ immediately.

Banning net & bolt does not NEED to go through legislation. As per NJSA 13:1B-28, all Fish & Game Council decisions on wildlife is subject to the approval of the DEP Commissioner.

If Corzine's and Jackson's phones are ringing off the hook with objections, and they read the testimonies from all the organizations vehemently against it, they may be moved to a quick BAN. Tell them that Net & bolt is being used in non-emergent cases---based upon proof of supposed landscape damage on property! There is no justification that warrants the cruelty of this method.

PLEASE CALL and get all your family, friends, neighbors, coworkers to call also:

Governor Jon Corzine
1- (609) 292-6000
P.O. Box 001
Trenton, NJ 08625
fax (609) 292-3454

DEP Comm. Lisa Jackson
1- (609) 292-2885
C-401 E. State St.
P.O. Box 402
Trenton, NJ 08625
fax (609) 292-7695

For full information, please visit

Please click on Voices to see the organizations that vehemently oppose this cruel practice for deer removal. Click on the name of the organization and you will see their full letters. You can use the text as additional talk points. Basically all you need to say is that it is egregiously cruel, inhumane, NOT a wildlife management tool and that there is NO justification for this cruelty.

Thank you profusely,
Janet Piszar

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