Tell Norwegian Authorities to Save Majlo's Life

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Originally Posted: 1 September 2009

Tell Norwegian Authorities to Save Majlo's Life

From Canadian Voice for Animals

Tell the Norwegian authorities to allow Majlo to live and be returned to his family. Majlo is a "breed" of dog that is illegal in Norway. His family did not know this when they moved from Sweden.


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Police Department
Att.: Christian Budsberg Pettersen

The Minister of Justice


This is Majlo, a gentle 2 year old dog - probably the most famous dog in Norway. He once was a beloved member of a family, who trusted him so much that they used to let him guard their baby. But Majlo’s life took a sudden change in February of this year when he was taken by the police and ordered killed. He was locked up in a secret place, where he now has been for half a year, awaiting his fate. In order to meet him, his family has to pay about 500 dollars, in addition to the 250 dollars they are claimed for each week for his stay. This means that they can’t afford to see their own dog.

Majlo’s only “fault” is that he belongs to a breed that is forbidden in Norway. Sadly, his family was unaware of this law when they moved to Norway from Sweden where the breed is legal. When the police in Norway took action, it was a great shock to Majlo's family when they returned to their flat one day and found Majlo missing.

The police took no notice of the provision of the Act, which allows forbidden breeds to leave the country, and insisted on Majlo being killed instead, although he has never harmed anyone. The family and several others appealed to the Police Department, but there was no pardon for Majlo - the Police Department maintained the decision to kill him.

In the meantime, thousands of people signed a declaration to free Majlo. He had become a symbol of the injustice that allows innocent family dogs to be killed, only because their breed is used in illegal dogfights, while the criminals taking part in this abusive sport, seldom or never are accused.

However, the family couldn’t give up their beloved dog, whom they cried for every day, and they commenced the case for the court. Fortunately, the court rescinded the judgment to kill Majlo, and gave him and his family free passage back to Sweden. People all over Norway rejoiced this victory. Almost 25.000 persons had signed the declaration to free Majlo, and they were all looking forward to see the happy reunion of Majlo and his family, and the end of the disgraceful and unjust treatment from the police – whose only interest has been their own principles and prestige.

But for these cynical principles and prestige, the Police Department has now decided to appeal the verdict. For Majlo this means a prolonged time in captivity and misery, away from the family he is so strongly attached to, and for his family it means several more months of separation from their dog; anxiety for his well-being and fear for his life, and of course high expenses to pay for his imprisonment.

Please write to the Police Department and to the Minister of Justice – asking them to withdraw the appeal and release Majlo. This dear boy shall not have to die for some absurd principles, and his family should not be deprived of their best friend.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!

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