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Originally Posted: 29 October 2009

Pass The Pet Safety and Protection Act of 2009

From National Anti-Vivisection Society

This legislation (S. 1834 and H.R. 3907) will stop theft and fraud in obtaining companion cats and dogs who are stolen and sold to research laboratories.


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I am writing to you in support of the Pet Safety and Protection Act of 2009 (S. 1834 and H.R. 3907), which would help to stop theft and fraud in obtaining animals to be used for research. This bill would allow research facilities to obtain animals only from breeders, directly from owners, from registered pounds or shelters, or from registered research facilities.

It has been well documented that representatives for Class B animal dealers fraudulently misrepresent themselves to individuals trying to find good homes for their dogs or cats. By representing themselves as looking for a pet for themselves or their family, people are duped into releasing their animals, who are then sold to research facilities through Class B dealers. There have even been cases where animals have disappeared from their own yards, only to turn up in a research facility--if the owners were smart enough to microchip the animal and the facility conscientious enough to scan the animal before beginning any protocol.

In fact, the research community has largely stopped using random source cats and dogs as they do not have adequate medical history or background on the breeding to be reliable test subjects. In addition, the vast number of animals used for dissection can be replaced by educationally sound alternatives that teach students the basics of anatomy and physiology while not sacrificing animal life.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!