Stop the Deer Massacre in Shawnee Mission, Kansas

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Originally Posted: 4 November 2009

Stop the Deer Massacre in Shawnee Mission, Kansas


Help stop the senseless, barbaric and unnecessary massacre of the deer in Shawnee Mission, Kansas.


Sign an online petition

And/Or better yet, make direct contact:

Kansas Governor Mark Parkinson
[email protected]
785-296-6240 and (877) 579-6757

Kansas Dept of Wildlife Big Game Coordinator Lloyd Fox
620-672-5911 or 785-296-2281, [email protected]

Mike Hayden, Secretary of Wildlife and Parks
(785) 296-2281

Johnson County Parks Director Michael Meadors
[email protected] , 913-438-7275
Randy Knight, Public Relations Officer for Johnson County Parks
[email protected], 913-438-7275

Johnson County Board of Commissioners BOCC
913-715-0430, Fax 913-715-0440
111 South Cherry Street, Suite 3000
Olathe, Kansas 66061, [email protected]

The STAFF of Johnson County Board of Commissioners contact numbers are, [email protected]
Annabeth Surbaugh 913-715-5000
Jim Allen 913-715-0432
C.Edward Peterson 913-715-0431
David Lindstron 913-715-0433
Ed Eilert 913-715-0434
Doug Wood 913-715-0435
Calvin Hayden 913-715-0436


You can help stop this senseless, barbaric and unnecessary massacre: Bite Club of KC is calling for a business and tourism boycott of Death Park--and all of Johnson County, Kansas--until they agree to create the deer preserve; and for the public to vote the elected members of the Johnson County Board of Commissioners and their appointees at the Johnson County Parks Board out of office--if the deer are massacred; and for readers to contact the people below to demand that they build the deer preserve instead of snuffing out the lives of hundreds of majestic creatures.

For more details: Deer Preserve or Killing Field: We HAVE a choice….

Thank you for everything you do for animals!