Help Animals Suffering in University of Utah Laboratories

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Originally Posted: 11 November 2009

Help Animals Suffering in University of Utah Laboratories

FROM People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)

Urge the University of Utah to stop taking advantage of the animal overpopulation crisis and stop acquiring animals from shelters that they torture in their labs.

The University of Utah (UU) paid the Davis County Animal Shelter $15 for this friendly, gentle orange-and-white tabby cat named Robert. Laboratory workers decided that Robert, now known as F09-017, would be used in invasive brain experiments. UU experimenter Bradley Greger cut into Robert's skull to implant electrodes in his brain. A large gash ran from Robert's forehead past his ears. Experimenters implanted electrodes in Robert's brain. Thus began a series of experiments in which electrical current was fired through the electrodes, stimulating nerves that caused Robert's legs to move involuntarily. After each experiment, Robert showed signs of trauma: He was tired and groggy, his pupils dilated and his eyes became glassy, and he vomited repeatedly. Over time, this affectionate cat became skittish and withdrawn. While PETA's undercover investigator eventually left the laboratory, Robert did not: He remained in his tiny cage, enduring experiment after experiment.


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Thomas N. Parks, Ph.D.
Vice President for Research
Professor, Neurobiology & Anatomy
c/o University of Utah
201 Presidents Circle
Room 201
Salt Lake City UT 84112
phone (801) 581-7236


I was shocked to learn about the painful experiments conducted on homeless dogs and cats as well as monkeys, rats, mice, rabbits, and other animals inside University of Utah laboratories.

I was especially upset to learn that the university exploits the victims of the animal homelessness crisis and buys cats and dogs from animal shelters for use in cruel and deadly experiments. I urge you to sever your unsavory ties with these shelters immediately and permanently end the practice of using shelter animals, who are awaiting a second chance at life, for any purpose in the university's laboratories.

I know that many others were appalled to learn about what goes on at the university, and as a taxpayer I further request that you implement steps to ensure greater transparency of all the university's publicly funded animal experiments by publishing experimental protocols, veterinary records, and minutes of the university's laboratory oversight committee meetings on its Web site.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!