Tell Johnson County and Kansas State Officials NO to Bow Hunting

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Originally Posted: 16 November 2009

Tell Johnson County and Kansas State Officials NO to Bow Hunting

FROM Bite Club of Kansas City

Tell Johnson County and Kansas state officials NO to bow hunting. Bow hunting is a brutal method of killing deer, many who bleed to death. And, are you willing to risk your children or your companion animals being injured or killed in a "hunting accident"?


Kansas Governor Mark Parkinson
web email form
[email protected]
(785) 296-6240 and (877) 579-6757

Kansas Dept of Wildlife Big Game Coordinator Lloyd Fox
(620) 672-5911 or (785) 296-2281, [email protected]

Mike Hayden, Secretary of Wildlife and Parks
(785) 296-2281

Johnson County Parks Director Michael Meadors
[email protected] (913) 438-7275

Randy Knight, Public Relations Officer for Johnson County Parks
[email protected] (913) 438-7275

Johnson County Board of Commissioners BOCC:
(913) 715-0430, Fax (913) 715-0440
111 South Cherry Street, Suite 3000
Olathe, Kansas 66061
[email protected]

The STAFF of Johnson County Board of Commissioners:
[email protected]
Annabeth Surbaugh (913) 715-5000
Jim Allen (913) 715-0432
C. Edward Peterson (913) 715-0431
David Lindstron (913) 715-0433
Ed Eilert (913) 715-0434
Doug Wood (913) 715-0435
Calvin Hayden (913) 715-0436


“My wife and I drive through the park nearly every evening and count the deer. Before the slaughter we would count over 100 deer. Last night, we counted six.”

—quote from a Death Park patron to one of our activists at our protest on 11/14/09

After having annihilated most of the deer in Death Park (313 in 3 days only days ago, as Anthony DeNicola and JOCO officials proudly proclaimed), their bloodlust remains unsatiated! Now they want to move on to “phase II” of the deer "democide" and bow hunt the deer in Death Park to extinction.

“Are you willing to risk a hunting accident? Risk one of your children, or your pets? Tell Johnson County (and state officials) NO to bow hunting!”

Thank you for everything you do for animals!