Truth in Fur Labeling Act of 2009

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Originally Posted: 23 November 2009

Truth in Fur Labeling Act of 2009

FROM National Anti-Vivisection Society

Tell your U.S. Representative and U.S. Senators and ask them to support the speedy passage of The Truth in Fur Labeling Act of 2009: House Bill is H.R. 2480, Senate Bill is S. 1076.

This bill would close a loophole in current law that allows dog and cat fur valued under $250 to be used in clothes without any labeling. This bill seeks to close that loophole by requiring the labeling of all fur regardless of the quantity used.


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It is currently illegal in the U.S. to sell fur from cats and dogs. However, garments and accessories containing cat and dog fur are sold every day. It is time to close a loophole in the federal law that does not require fur valued at less than $250 to be labeled, thus opening the door to the sale of these otherwise illegal goods.

The solution is simple. Remove the current labeling exemption for fur trim and accessories and enforce this heartfelt prohibition against selling fur and fur used in trim from dogs and cats.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!