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Originally Posted: 5 December 2009

Save 6000 Camels

FROM Act Now For Animals

Tell Chief Minister, Rob Knight to find a way to provide protection and freedom for camels rather than shooting them to death from helicopters.


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Rob Knight
GPO Box 3146
Darwin NT Australia 0801
phone 08 8901 4092
fax 08 8901 4094


[Camels were imported into Australia in the 1800s to "help" people travel as they dominated this vast country. When the camels were no longer needed for transportation, they were set free in the wild and...reproduced! Presently, the consequences of extensive drought have forced camels to search for water in order to survive. The available water sources are those areas where humans live. Also read 6,000 Thirsty Camels Who Invaded Australian Town Will Be Killed.]

Recently, the Northern Territory government in Australia announced plans to kill 6000 camels by means of aerial shooting in the township of Docker River.

Thirsty and in search of water, the camels converged on the community of Docker River. Instead of assisting the community by building barriers to keep the camels out of the township and investing in long term solutions such as research into birth control or the construction of a manmade waterhole for the camels to drink from, the government is planning to herd the animals away from the town, shoot them and leave their bodies to rot.

Rather than shooting these gentle animals and leaving them to bleed to death in agony, I urge you to invest the funding allocated for the aerial shooting into alternative methods such as barrier fencing to keep the camels out of the township and constructing a waterhole for the dying camels to drink from.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!