Tell DailyCandy That Pigs are NOT Good Gifts

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Originally Posted: 8 December 2009

Tell DailyCandy That Pigs are NOT Good Gifts

FROM Animal Place

Tell DailyCandy that offering live animals for sale as gifts promotes animal cruelty.

See their advertisement here..."So it’s not the most practical gift, but no doubt every girl wants to cuddle with a Royal Dandie, the world’s smallest breed of miniature pig. It’s an itty-bitty potbelly of joy!"


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For  more details, read Teacup Pigs and Piglets - An Unfortunate Trend.

The DailyCandy is a popular site that connects readers to all that is supposedly chic in fashion, food and "culture".

Sadly, their 2009 Holiday Gift Guide for Girls includes a "present" that is anything but cool - miniature pigs.

Pigs can make wonderful companions, but no animal should be given as a gift without due consideration to their needs - pigs are not realistic companion animals for most people. You can read about the miniature pig phenomenon here. Royal Dandies are not a true breed of pig but an amalgam of different breeds, including one breed that can grow up to 400 lbs. It is interesting how few pictures of adult "RoyalDandies" exist.

Please help by asking DailyCandy to remove their suggestion of a "miniature pig" from their 2009 Holiday Guide for Girls.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!