Equal Representation For Non-hunters in Wisconsin

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Originally Posted: 12 December 2009

Equal Representation For Non-hunters in Wisconsin

FROM Patricia Randolph

Tell the State of Wisconsin it's time to establish a Living Wildlife Biodiversity Congress paralleling the pro-hunting DNR (Department of Wildlife Resources).

If hunters have the right to kill, we the non-killing majority have an equal right to steward our commonwealth and protect and honor our wildlife.


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Wisconsin has 2.3 million wildlife watchers who generate ten times the state and local tax revenue of hunters and trappers, yet who have never had a say in how Wisconsin manages wildlife and nature. This taxation without representation has persisted for 75 years, with ZERO voice for the majority who do not hunt or trap our wildlife. Wisconsin has a Department of Natural Resources that is just a killing business, brokering wildlife destruction to a special interest hunting and trapping lobby, through their sole advisory group, the Wisconsin Conservation Congress (WCC). Hunters have delegates (360 statewide - 5 for each of the 72 counties); we who do not harm wildlife have none.

Recognizing the well documented crisis in biodiversity, habitat loss, human-caused species' extinctions and climate change, we the undersigned silent sports citizens and living wildlife lovers, claim our equal rights and equal responsibilities by requiring the legislature to establish a GENERAL PUBLIC FUND and LIVING WILDLIFE BIODIVERSITY CONGRESS as a parallel organizational advisory structure. We will finally have fair representation when we can elect delegates, propose policy, and direct our taxes to projects that help our wildlife and ecosystems.

If hunters have the right to kill, we the non-killing majority have an equal right to steward our commonwealth, and protect and honor our wildlife.
We the undersigned citizens of Wisconsin petition the legislature to democratize our governance of nature. We ask the legislature to establish this alternate Biodiversity Congress and general public fund for stewarding our most valuable commonwealth, nature and wildlife (ending management funded exclusively by killing licenses which denies democracy).

Safe and transparent annual elections of delegates to represent us, under Wisconsin election law, will serve as a check and balance to the Department of Natural Resources, now solely advised by the WCC hunting/trapping lobby. They have co-opted power that should belong to all citizens.

We petition the congress and senate to address this injustice now, and work together with us, in the progressive tradition of Wisconsin to insure democratic representation, a living world for future generations, and policies generating respect for all life.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!