We Must Close Mazor Farm

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Originally Posted: 18 January 2010

We Must Close Mazor Farm

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Tell Israel's Minister of Environmental Protection that the Mazor monkey-breeding facility must be closed down.


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Gilad Ardan
Israeli Minister of Environmental Protection
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Last July, Behind Closed Doors together with other animal rights' groups, called on the Minister of Environmental Protection to withdraw the Mazor trade license (import and export). The Minister is currently studying our written proposal and is expected shortly to announce his decision.

The Mazor breeding farm currently holds 1,000 long tailed macaque monkeys. Some of these monkeys were wild caught on the island of Mauritius, while others were born in captivity. Mazor is a link in the chain of cruel trade in which monkeys are forcibly removed from their natural environment then flown thousands of miles in small cages to laboratories or breeding facilities. These animals will have been separated from their family groups, the young brutally separated from their mothers.

Mazor is little more than a monkey breeding factory, whose manager considers the monkeys to be "production units" whose sole purpose is to increase profits, through the sale of the offspring to laboratories. To further increase profitability, the young are separated early from their mothers, allowing these females to mate as soon as possible. Early forced separation is traumatic to both the young and the mothers. These mothers will cry out and cling in desperation to the bars of their cages in a vain attempt to look for their young. The young who have been moved to a separate enclosure, will in turn look for their mothers and display signs of severe distress. Not all of these animals will survive this difficult transition and some will die.

For more details, read Mazor Monkey-Breeding Farm.

For more information about primates used in laboratories visit Stop Animal Exploitation Now! (SAEN).

Thank you for everything you do for animals!