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Dogs Are in Danger

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Originally Posted: 12 February 2010

Tell the USDA:
Dogs Are in Danger

FROM American Anti-Vivisection Society

Contact USDA and tell them to immediately revoke R&R Research’s Class B dealer license. Remind USDA that R&R has repeatedly violated the Protection of Pets section of the AWA, and the agency has a responsibility to take action.


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Chester A. Gipson, D.V.M.
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4700 River Road, Unit 97
Riverdale, MD 20737-1234
phone (301) 734-7833
fax (301) 734-4993


Previously, we told our readers about R&R Research, a Michigan-based random source Class B animal dealer that has repeatedly violated the Animal Welfare Act (AWA), putting the welfare of animals at serious risk. For example, while housed at R&R, one dog escaped from a building by jumping through a window; on another occasion, dogs were transported while chained inside a livestock trailer instead of being secured in cages.

Furthermore, R&R Research has a history of obtaining animals in violation of AWA’s Protection of Pets section and its corresponding regulations, provisions put in place to protect lost or stolen pets from ending up as research subjects. In 2005, USDA entered into a settlement agreement with R&R Research for multiple violations related to illegally acquiring cats.

Since that agreement, R&R has continued to violate the Protection of Pets section and has been cited four times for obtaining animals illegally, as outlined in the Animal Welfare regulations, which forbids animal dealers from acquiring dogs and cats from individuals/facilities that did not breed or raise the animals on their property and are not licensed dealers. In another violation, R&R was cited for failing to collect complete address information from an individual who provided three dogs to the dealer.

The AWA instructs USDA to permanently revoke the license of a Class B dealer who has been found to violate the Protection of Pets section three or more times. Since September 2007, R&R Research has violated this section and its corresponding regulations five times, three in the last year alone. USDA is falling far short in protecting dogs and cats, as it has failed to invoke any penalty against R&R for violations occurring since November 2005, including those involving animals acquired illegally. It does so despite stating in its 2007 Annual Report that “some…[random source Class B] dealers may be trafficking in stolen animals.”

Although USDA is currently conducting an investigation against R&R Research, the pattern of violations demonstrates that dogs and cats bought and sold by this notorious dealer are in imminent danger. There is sufficient cause to move forward without delay with a complete revocation of R&R’s dealer license. Clearly, this Class B dealer is acting in complete defiance of the AWA and will continue to do so unless USDA takes immediate action.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!