Keep Pressure on NASA to Stop Monkey Radiation Experiments

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Originally Posted: 22 February 2010

Keep Pressure on NASA to Stop Monkey Radiation Experiments

FROM Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM)

Because Brookhaven director Samuel Aronson, Ph.D., has veto power over every experiment conducted at his facility, he needs to hear from you. He can stop these atrocities.


Samuel Aronson, Ph.D.
Building 460
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Upton, NY 11973-5000
phone (631) 344-2772


The planned study would expose squirrel monkeys to doses of heavy-ion radiation. So far, NASA has ignored all calls for the experiments to halt, despite mounting criticism on the grounds that the proposed experiments are cruel, scientifically flawed, and in violation of the federal Animal Welfare Act.

Last week, PCRM filed a formal complaint with NASA’s Office of the Inspector General demonstrating that NASA’s proposed radiation experiments involving the use of live squirrel monkeys are cruel, ineffective, and a waste of 1.75 million taxpayer dollars. The complaint was recently covered in a full-length article by Newsday, which reports on issues affecting Long Island, N.Y., where parts of these experiments are slated to take place.

For more, read Document Reveals Waste and Abuse in NASA's Monkey Radiation Experiments.

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