Tell Adidas to Stop Using Kangaroo Skins

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Originally Posted: 26 February 2010

Tell Adidas to Stop Using Kangaroo Skins

FROM Act Now For Animals

Tell Adidas to stop using kangaroo skins for their products.


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Adidas America, Inc.
Adidas Village
5055 N Greeley Avenue
Portland, OR 97217
phone (971) 234 2300
fax (971) 234 2450


Each year, millions of kangaroos are killed in what is widely regarded as the largest wildlife massacre on the planet. Kangaroo joeys are bludgeoned to death or discarded and left to die from cold, starvation and predation.

Shockingly, the number one supporters of this barbaric trade are sports shoe manufacturers, who purchase the skins and turn them into football boots. Adidas, one of the kangaroo industries biggest customers, is a major driving force behind the industry.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!