Tell Blackstone Group Who Operates SeaWorld to Get Out of the Captive Whale Business

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Originally Posted: 27 February 2010

Tell Blackstone Group Who Operates SeaWorld to Get Out of the Captive Whale Business

FROM In Defense of Animals (IDA)

Tell The Blackstone Group that operates Seaworld to stop making 12,000 pound orcas live in concrete and chlorine tanks and be coerced to give “kisses” and do tricks.


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Hamilton James
President & CEO, The Blackstone Group
345 Park Avenue
31st Floor
New York, NY 10154
phone (212) 583-5000
fax (212) 583-5712
[email protected]


Orcas travel long distances each day, sometimes swimming in a straight line for a hundred miles, other times remaining in a certain area for hours or days, moving several miles along a coastline and then turning to retrace their path. They can dive several hundred meters and stay underwater for half an hour. They spend only 10 to 20% of their time at the surface.

But in captivity, orcas spend up to 80% of their time at the surface of the water. This is the probable cause of dorsal fin collapse, because without the support of water, gravity pulls these tall appendages over as the whale matures. Collapsed fins are experienced by all captive male orcas and many captive female orcas, who were either captured as juveniles or who were born in captivity. Collapsed fins have been observed in only about 1% of orcas in the wild.

In captivity, orcas must swim in circles or float listlessly on the surface of the water. These behaviors indicate that the animal is bored and psychologically stressed. Wild orcas rarely lie still or swim in circles. This particular orca, Tilikum, is the oldest living captive orca, which means he has suffered the most psychologically and physiological stress of all.

A 12,000 pound orca should not be in a concrete and chlorine tank coerced to give “kisses” and do tricks. The trainers and the aquaria justify what they are doing with words like “conservation” and “education”, but ripping these majestic creatures from the vast oceans, separating them from their families, and forcing them to swim circles till their dorsal fin droops from lack of deep diving is heartless.

It’s time to stop snatching such majestic animals from the wild for exhibition and entertainment. It’s time to honor their right to freedom and end the breeding of such animals in captivity.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!