Tell Illinois Legislators:
We Don't Want Cavel Back!

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Originally Posted: 9 March 2010

Tell Illinois Legislators:
We Don't Want Cavel Back!

FROM Animal Law Coalition

Write, call, fax or email Illinois legislators and urge them to vote no on H.B. 4812. This legislation would repeal a ban on horse slaughter and would allow for the reopening of a horse slaughterhouse in Illinois. Please be polite!


Find Illinois Representatives here. Call, write or fax as many as you can. If you live in Illinois, be sure to tell your representative that you live in his or her district.


Update March 9, 2010: Rep. Jim Sacia, sponsor of H.B. 4812, a bill to repeal the 2007 ban on horse slaughter for human consumption, has said he has the votes to pass this bill in the state House of Representatives.

The Agriculture & Conservation Committee voted after a hearing on Feb. 23, 2010, to approve H.B. 4812. The bill is already on the House calendar for second reading.

Read this for more details.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!