Urge Discovery Communications to Drop Sarah Palin's New Show

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Originally Posted: 30 March 2010

Urge Discovery Communications to Drop Sarah Palin's New Show

FROM Defenders of Wildlife

Let Discovery Communications know that Sarah Palin doesn't deserve to represent the "powerful beauty of Alaska" in front of millions of people after promoting and funding the ongoing bloody aerial wolf-slaughter campaign.


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David Zaslav
President & CEO, Discovery Communications
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As a supporter of Defenders of Wildlife, I am disappointed and angered by Discovery Communication's decision to produce and air Sarah Palin's Alaska. As governor, Sarah Palin championed a bloody aerial wolf-slaughter campaign that continues to this very day. She even planned on offering a $150 bounty for the severed forelimb of each killed wolf. Palin also fought against increased protections for struggling Cook Inlet beluga whales and America's only populations of polar bears.

As parent company of Animal Planet, The Discovery Channel and TLC, and known for your wildlife-focused productions, I hope that you will reconsider your decision to partner with such a terribly anti-wildlife and politically divisive persona as Sarah Palin.


Thank you for everything you do for animals!