Tell Congress to End BLM Roundups of Our Wild Horses

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Originally Posted: 24 April 2010

Tell Congress to End BLM Roundups of Our Wild Horses

FROM American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign on

Tell Congress to STOP the BLM's cruel and outrageous roundup of our wild horses from our public lands in order to set up pipelines and to protect cattle ranchers.


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America’s wild horses are being eradicated in violation of the Wild Free-Roaming Horse & Burro Act, which protects them as “living symbols” of our Nation's spirit. From over 2 million in the 1800s, fewer than 25,000 remain on our public lands. There are now more wild horses in government holding pens than remain in the wild. Still, the round-ups continue, and a recent change in the law opens the door to thousands being sent to slaughter.

Although in-the-wild management would save millions of tax-dollars, special interests have been successful in pressuring the government to systematically remove wild horses from public lands - specifically corporate cattle interests who want our horses replaced with private cattle for subsidized grazing.

AWHPC is coordinating a letter-writing campaign: In addition to signing this petition, it is important that you please send individual letters to your federal legislators calling for a Congressional inquiry into the government’s wild horse management practices. Tell them that our national heritage does not belong on European dinner tables.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!