Ban Canned Hunting of Lions in South Africa

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Originally Posted: 3 May 2010

Ban Canned Hunting in South Africa

FROM Four Paws

Please do not allow the image of your country as a nature paradise to be damaged! Advocate strict statutory measures to guarantee the protection of these lions.


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Minister van Schalkwy
Minister of Tourism
Fedsure Forum Building
10th Floor, North Tower
315 Pretorius Street
Pretoria, South Africa 0001
phone (012) 310 3611
fax (012) 322 0082


Southern Africa is a paradise for hunters: Thousands of hunting tourists from Europe and the USA travel to the region - they bring home dead animals instead of photos as souvenirs.

The most extreme variety of trophy hunting is “Canned Hunting”. Most of the victims are lions, who have no chance of escape. The animals are locked up until they are sold to a hunter to be shot.

For this type of hunting in South Africa, lions are bred on more than 160 farms, usually raised by hand and are accustomed to humans. Many of the young animals are also abused as tourist attractions. The lions are displayed in their cages for tourists to gawp at and the young lions can be petted and taken for walks. This is very stressful for young lions.

At the moment about 4,000 lions are being bred in captivity for “Canned Hunting”. Many of these lions are suffering from illnesses and behavioural disorders due to their being raised by hand in poor conditions at the breeding farms.

FOUR PAWS is calling for a ban on “Canned Hunting” in South Africa – please support us and sign our petition to the South African Minister of Water and Environmental Affairs and the Minister of Tourism.


Dear Minister van Schalkwyk,

Together with the animal welfare organization FOUR PAWS I hereby protest against the keeping of more than 4,000 lions on South African breeding farms and the massive animal welfare problems that result from this. Young animals are abused as tourist attractions and end their lives as hunting trophies. I call on you to pass legislation to legally prohibit these lion breeding farms and the so-called “Canned Hunting”!

During the Football World Cup 2010, the entire world will be looking at South Africa. Guests from many countries will be looking forward to experiencing South Africa’s unique natural heritage and its fascinating fauna. However, commercial lion breeding and the unfair hunting of these animals disgusts many people.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!