Oppose Removal Of 1,000 Wild Horses From Nevada's Great Basin Region

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Originally Posted: 15 May 2010

Oppose Removal Of 1,000 Wild Horses From Nevada's Great Basin Region

FROM In Defense of Animals (IDA)

Take Action before May 21!

Oppose the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Tuscarora Field Office (Nevada) proposal to round up 1,438 wild horses and permanently remove approximately 1,000 horses from more than 480,000 acres in northeast Nevada.


Sign an online petition

And/Or make direct contact:

President Obama c/o Executive Office of the President, Council on Environmental Quality

David Overcast, Tuscarora Field Office manager
3900 E. Idaho Street
Elko NV 89801
phone (775) 753-0200
fax (775) 753-0255

Bruce Thompson
Elko District Wild Horse and Burro Specialist
phone (775) 753-0286


The BLM decided that only 337-561 wild horses are allowed to live in this 750-square-mile area. Meanwhile, the BLM allows private ranchers to graze thousands of livestock in the same area. The BLM issued a preliminary Environmental Assessment and refused to give serious consideration to alternatives to the roundup. The Obama Administration is intent on continuing business as usual when it comes to the BLM’s wild horse and burro program.

We must keep up the pressure and let the BLM know that we will continue to fight until this broken program is corrected. Copies of comments submitted below are sent to President Obama to let him know that his Administration is not fulfilling his pledge of change when it comes to the wild horse and burro program. Please submit the form below to oppose this ill-conceived and inhumane plan.

Please personalize your message. If you want to become more involved in wild horse and burro issues please email [email protected]

Thank you for everything you do for animals!