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Originally Posted: 23 May 2010

Stop Testing Cigarettes on Animals


The tobacco industry uses puppies as pawns in the struggle to redeem cigarettes. Fight this atrocious injustice: Tell Big Tobacco to stop testing on animals.


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For years, we've known the dangers of smoking cigarettes and the health hazards associated with tobacco. A warning of these effects is even printed on every pack. But some people still choose to inhale.

The animals these cigarettes are tested on don't have a choice.

In an attempt to dispute the thoroughly proven notion that cigarettes are harmful to one's health, the tobacco industry forces beagle puppies and other animals to breathe in this noxious poison. The pups are hooked up to a gas mask-like device then pumped full of smoke for upwards of ten hours a day. When the labs are done with these "test subjects", they are killed and their organs studied for the impacts of the smoke.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!