End Offshore Drilling - Sea Turtles and Oil Don't Mix

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Originally Posted: 4 Jun 2010

End Offshore Drilling - Sea Turtles and Oil Don't Mix

FROM Sea Turtle Restoration Project

Tell President Obama to bring back the moratorium on offshore drilling!


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President Barack Obama
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The fragile ecosystems in the Gulf of Mexico are soon to be covered in oil from the Deepwater Horizon drilling accident and ensuing spill, and now is the time to call on President Obama to put a stop to future drilling efforts.

In addition to the harm from catastrophic spills, offshore oil drilling creates deadly oil and tar balls that float in the ocean and are ingested by sea turtles, and increased vessel traffic which causes deadly strikes. Read the summary by Dr. Chris Pincetich, marine biologist and environmental toxicologist.

Help reverse the Bush administration's removal of the U.S. moratorium on offshore drilling that has led to the horrible environmental disaster in the Gulf that we face today.

Send the Obama administration a direct email below to stop offshore oil drilling and help endangered sea turtle recovery.

The death toll of sea turtles in the Gulf has risen again today (6/3/10), with reports now indicating 253 sea turtles have perished. Many are now being recovered fully oiled, with characteristic signs of exposure to the oil slick. The cause of death for over 200 sea turtles without obvious signs of oil has not been concluded by NOAA, but history shows that commercial fishing practices in this area regularly kill upwards of 100 sea turtles each year.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!