Justice for Ducklings:
Prosecute Cal-Cruz Hatcheries

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Originally Posted: 9 Jun 2010

Justice for Ducklings:
Prosecute Cal-Cruz Hatcheries

[Ed. Note: Read COK Sets the Record Straight: A Case of Animal Cruelty at Cal-Cruz Hatcheries.]

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Tell Santa Cruz California's District Attorney Bob Lee to prosecute Cal-Cruz for cruelty to ducklings at the Cal-Cruz Hatchery.

This newly-hatched chick was left on the floor next to discarded egg shells.

Barely alive, this chick was tossed aside in a bucket of birds deemed unfit for processing.


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Bob Lee
Santa Cruz County District Attorney
701 Ocean Street, Rm. 200
Santa Cruz CA 95060
phone (831) 454-2400


If a cat or dog was tossed across a room and left in pain, or their limbs tangled in machinery or skinned alive, swift legal action might take place.

But in this case, the animals suffering these acts of cruelty are ducklings -- and they're getting no such justice.

In 2009, undercover activists from Compassion Over Killing (COK) shot videos of animal abuse at Cal-Cruz Hatcheries in Santa Cruz, CA. They submitted this video to county animal service and the DA's office, and a follow-up investigation resulted in the confiscation of 88 ducklings from the site. Over half of them had to be euthanized.

But the District Attorney's Office said they will not prosecute Cal-Cruz Hatcheries, even though in California, there is no legal difference between pets and food animals. Prosecuting Cal-Cruz would bring these ducklings -- who are sensitive to pain just like dogs and cats-- some justice and could change the way animal agriculture views "cruelty."

See the video.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!