Support HR 5643 and Ban Predator Poisons

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Originally Posted: 1 July 2010

Support HR 5643 and Ban Predator Poisons

FROM WildEarth Guardians

Tell your Congressional Representative to support HR5643, the DeFazio-Campbell bill that bans M-44s and Compound 1080, two legal methods that are used to poison our native wildlife.


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These toxicants, meant to kill native carnivores such as coyotes on behalf of the livestock industry, are indiscriminate and deadly. Historically they have been used in biological warfare and yet they are still legal in the United States.

Fortunately, Congressman Fazio (D-OR) and Congressman Campbell (R-CA) have introduced legislation (HR5643) to ban the two worst of the worst poisons, sodium cyanide M-44’s and Compound 1080. Declare your support for this predator poisons ban by contacting your representative today.

Not only are these poisons deadly to wildlife and pets, they are dangerous to us! Funded by taxpayers and embraced by the United States Department of Agriculture’s infamous Wildlife Services as a reasonable method to control predators, four audits by the Office of the Inspector General found that the stockpiles of these lethal agents could not be properly accounted for.

These poisons are dangerous and are not needed.

It’s estimated that only .18% of the total U.S. cattle are killed by carnivores and yet agribusiness has rallied a sledgehammer approach of broadcasting poisons across our landscapes instead of using tested non-lethal controls such as pens, sheds, and guard animals.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!