End the Use of Primates in Military, Air and Space Research

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Originally Posted: 2 July 2010

End the Use of Primates in Military, Air and Space Research

FROM New England Anti-Vivisection Society (NEAVS)

Please contact NASA Administrator Charles F. Bolden, Jr., and ask him to put a stop to cruel and unnecessary experiments.

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Call (202) 358-0000
send an email - [email protected]


Space radiation studies will be done on live squirrel monkeys. The plan — which will cost $1.75 million taxpayer dollars — was proposed by researchers at McLean Hospital in Belmont, MA. The monkeys will be exposed to radiation at Brookhaven National Laboratory (Upton, NY) and then be shipped to McLean Hospital where they will be made to perform tasks to test for cognitive impairment. These highly intelligent and social primates will be housed alone in steel cages for at least four years and be subjected to daily restraint in primate chairs.

Tell NASA Administrator Bolden that:

  1. You support the mission of NASA
  2. You oppose space radiation studies involving the use of live animals because they are  cruel, repetitive and pointless
  3. The experiments are in direct violation of the NASA Principles for the Ethical Care and Use of Animals
  4. Monkeys are sentient beings who experience pain and suffering just as we do
  5. There are viable non-animal research methods that can, are, and should be used

Thank you for everything you do for animals!