We Need an Interior Secretary Who Takes Bold Action for Animals

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Originally Posted: 6 July 2010

We Need an Interior Secretary Who Takes Bold Action for Animals

FROM Wild Earth Guardians

President Obama needs to know that we can’t afford to wait for another disastrous spill to occur or for another species’ plight to be ignored until it’s past the point of no return. We need a Secretary of the Interior who will protect animals!


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First Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar, ignored the Endangered Species Act’s legal mandates to protect literally hundreds of critically imperiled species.

Then he took the Gray wolf off the endangered species list, allowing a hunting spree to occur, killing more than 400 wolves. It should have stopped here but it didn't.

Soon after he was promoting the biggest expansion of coal mining in our Nation’s history and even denying the climate crisis in the process.

Then came the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, where the Interior Department’s dysfunctional Minerals Management Service ignored the dangers of drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.

After 18 months with Ken Salazar at the helm it’s clear that our Nation needs a new leader at the Department of Interior. Please join us and tell President Obama that we want a new Interior Secretary and a new Interior Department that helps us celebrate our independence by moving us away from fossil fuels and by helping to usher in a new era of clean energy.

We need leadership that puts the public interest before corporate profits.

How many more disasters need to occur before President Obama recognizes that the Interior Department is failing miserably and needs a complete overhaul?

We believe it’s time that President Obama to find a new Interior Secretary; one who lead the Interior Department in a fundamentally new direction.

When the President nominated Ken Salazar to join his cabinet as Interior Secretary we opposed the move arguing that Salazar did not have sufficient credentials to reform corrupt agencies, root out industry friendly career bureaucrats and take the agency aggressively in a new direction.

The actions at the Interior over the last 18 months have merely confirmed our original belief and made our call for a new leader at Interior all the more urgent.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!