Stop Rhino Poaching in South Africa

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Originally Posted: 21 July 2010

Stop Rhino Poaching in South Africa

[Ed. Note: Also read Poachers Slaughter Last Female Rhino in South Africa Reserve.]

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Urge the Minister of Environmental Affairs in South Africa (Ms. Buyelwa Sonjica) to get an investigating task team established and fully operational as a matter of urgency to protect ALL of South Africa's amazing wild animals.


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Ms. Buyelwa Sonjica
Minister of Environmental Affairs
Private Bag X447
Pretoria 0001 South Africa


On Wednesday, the 14th of July 2010, a female rhino was found stabbed to death in the Krugersdorp Game Reserve. Her horn was removed with a chain saw. She was left bleeding profusely before she died. Nearby, rangers found her 9 month old calf wandering aimlessly.

The increase in rhino poaching in South Africa is partly ascribed to the disbanding of specialist police units. Despite the fact that the Minister of Environmental affairs has promised to establish a task team to investigate incidences in rhino poaching, the unit is not yet functional and rhino poaching has been on the rise. There is also a general lack of funding, skills and equipment available to employees.

This has been the fourth incident in 12 months. The rhino population has plummeted from a high of 65 000. Presently there are 3600 black rhinos left in Southern Africa.

Fifteen hours after the carcass of his mother was found, rangers managed to capture the calf after a drawn out game of hide-and-seek with rangers. He weighs 300kg and suffered no dehydration or injuries. His behavior is currently being monitored and decisions are being made on where to place him.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!