Stop Live Birth Exhibits at State Fair - Cow Was Shot to Death

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Originally Posted: 29 July 2010

Stop Live Birth Exhibits at State Fair - Cow was Show to Death

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FROM Animal Place Sanctuary

Send letters to the Sacramento Bee expressing your demand that live cow birth exhibits at the California State Fair be banned.


Sacramento Bee article and comment page
the Sacramento Bee
P.O. Box 15779
Sacramento, CA 95852
(916) 321-1000


Every year at local and state fairs across the country, heavily pregnant animals are trucked in from farms, confined and put on display. In California, pregnant dairy cows are herded into an open arena where people can sit and gawk at the mother as she gives birth. Her baby is immediately removed. Pigs are confined in crates so small they cannot turn around and give birth.

Live birth exhibits have no place in a hectic, loud place like the State Fair. Their educational value is questionable, and the stress they put onto the animals is unnecessary.

On Tuesday, July 26th, a pregnant dairy cow escaped her enclosure at the California State Fair. She was petrified. Officials harassed and intimidated the cow for more than an hour, including chasing her down with an SUV. They finally shot her 11 times, killing her and the unborn calf. All of this was done under the guidance of UC Davis veterinarians and officials. There was NO protocol in place to handle the escape of an agitated, 1,400 angry mother cow.

Animal Place opposes the live birth exhibits because the educational "value" will not ever outweigh the suffering and stress the animals endure.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!