Tell American Airlines (again!) to Stop Supporting Rodeos

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Originally Posted: 13 Sep 2010

Tell American Airlines (again!) to Stop Supporting Rodeos

FROM Show Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK)

Don't let American Airlines think that they are too powerful to listen to compassionate people.


American Eagle Airlines, Inc.
Daniel P. Garton
President and Chief Executive Officer
(817) 931-9351

Kenneth W. Wimberly
Corporate Secretary AMR, American Airlines & Subsidiaries
(817) 963-3598

Email American through their website - several select members of the Board Of Directors and send a message

David L. Boren
The University of Oklahoma
[email protected]

Roger T. Staubach
[email protected]


There are two approaches animal abusers and their minions take when confronted with the truth. If they think they can get away with it, they'll simply lie. If they are cornered, they run and hide like the cowards they are.

I guess it is a testament to the quality of our SHARK's rodeo video documentation that rodeo sponsor American Airlines has chosen the latter approach. In spite of numerous contacts from SHARK, and far more from people around the world concerned about American's support of cruelty, American refuses to so much issue a statement.

Instead, American has discontinued some of its executives' email addresses, and American employees have hung up on callers. Nice bunch.

I hope those who care about animals, and who have a sense of ethics will remember American's un-American behavior. Multinational companies like American Airlines, Coca-Cola and Dodge (rodeo sponsors all) believe that they are so big that they can't be touched. These companies need to learn the power of compassion, and it is you and I who must teach them.

Please crosspost the word on these villainous companies. Better yet, let them know you won't give them a penny so long as they sponsor cruelty.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!