Stop Yellowstone from Vaccinating America's Last Wild Buffalo

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Originally Posted: 18 Sep 2010

Stop Yellowstone from Vaccinating America's Last Wild Buffalo

FROM Buffalo Field Campaign

Support the right choice for Buffalo! Support "Wild Buffalo Trust Alternative D"


National Park Service, online form


Rather than shooting wild buffalo with an ineffective, costly, harmful, intrusive, and culturally unacceptable brucellosis vaccine, that will further jeopardize the buffalo's wild integrity, Yellowstone National Park should, instead, choose an alternative to buy out cattle in the buffalo's range.

Buffalo Field Campaign and our strong allies at Western Watersheds Project have developed just such an alternative: "Wild Buffalo Trust Alternative D." This alternative is a common-sense approach that respects the wild integrity of Yellowstone's bison - America's last wild population - and effectively addresses brucellosis risk management by removing potential host cattle from the American bison's native range.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!