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Originally Posted: 28 Sep 2010

Help End the Frog Legs Trade

[Ed. Note: Read The Problem With Frog Legs.]

FROM Save the Frogs


Tell Uncle Julio's CEO Mr. Todd Conger to remove frog legs from the menus of the sixteen Uncle Julio's Rio Grande restaurants.

Sign an online petition

And/Or make direct contact:

Uncle Julio's Corporation
1101 N. Union Bower, Suite 160
Irving, Texas 75061


Frogs worldwide are rapidly going extinct. The frog leg trade is a direct contributor to the depletion of wild frog populations; the spread of invasive species; and the spread of harmful infectious diseases such as the chytrid fungus.

To date, Uncle Julio's has refused to address the fact that their trade practices are contributing to the worldwide extinction of amphibian species.

Let's make sure Mr. Conger knows that this issue isn't going to disappear. Send him your letter today and help put an end to frog leg sales!

Thank you for everything you do for animals!