Tell Pennsylvania Attorney General to End Pigeon Shoots

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Originally Posted: 8 Oct 2010

Tell Pennsylvania Attorney General to End Pigeon Shoots

FROM  Showing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK)


Contact PA Attorney General Tom Corbett, and tell him that pigeon shoots violate state cruelty statutes, and that he needs to uphold the laws and principles of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and stop all pigeon shoots now.

Attorney General Tom Corbett:
phone (717) 787-3391
fax (717) 787-8242
online email form


SHARK sent the following letter to AG Corbett a week before a massive two-day long shoot was held at the Pike Township Sportsmen's Association in Berks County, on February 20 and 21, 2010.

Dear Attorney General Corbett,

This is to inform you that a major violation of State law is going to occur on February 20 and 21, at the Pike Township Sportsman’s Association, 60 Hill Church Road, Oley, PA, 19547. On these dates, dozens of people shall willfully be engaged in actions that are in direct contravention of Pennsylvania Statute Title 18, Chapter 55, section 5511, “Cruelty to animals.”

Tragically, the Berks County District Attorney, John Adams, who has taken campaign donations from supporters of the unlawful acts, has not only refused to take action, but has personally intervened on the violators behalf and had charges that had been properly cited against them withdrawn. We believe that the actions of D.A. Adams have demeaned all sense of justice and made the law appear to be made of whim and fancy; easily broken and disobeyed if one has the correct friends and sponsors.

This is why you must step in and show that illegal actions shall neither be tolerated nor allowed to proceed. More to the point, since it appears that at least some of the malefactors involved will be crossing county lines to attend this felonious event, it is without question that your office is the only responsible law enforcement entity that now has authority to either stop or fully prosecute all involved.

On September 28, 2009, you issued a press release where you stated the following about events where animals are brutally, and fatally, used for ‘sport.’

"Young minds that are exposed to a culture of violence against animals often become desensitized to the cruel and vicious acts," Corbett said. "Our job as law enforcement is to rid our cities and suburbs of this horrific crime and ensure that our children are not exposed to the brutality of animal fighting."

We agree with you completely. Like dog fighting, live pigeon shoots are a culture of violence against animals that desensitize both young and old to cruel and vicious acts. And that is why we are sure you will hear your own words and keep this same standard by your side as you shut down not only the live pigeon shoot planned for this coming weekend, but all that stain Pennsylvania’s good name with blood and indignity.

This weekend will see violations of State law that will potentially number in the thousands. It will be an atrocious event that will be documented, and not forgotten.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!