No More Elephants at El Salvador's Zoológic Nacional

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Originally Posted: 8 Oct 2010

No More Elephants at El Salvador's Zoológic Nacional

[VICTORY! Read Victory - No More Elephants In El Salvador Zoo.]

FROM  In Defense of Animals (IDA)


Urge these people to end the display of elephants at the Zoológic Nacional: Dr. Héctor Samour, Secretary of the Ministry of Culture, the agency that oversees the Parque Zoológico Nacional de San Salvador, and San Salvador Mayor Norman Quijano. Send a note in Spanish if you can!

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On September 21 Manyula, the only elephant at El Salvador’s Parque Zoológico Nacional de San Salvador, died at age 59 from kidney failure. She had lived in the zoo for almost her entire life, having been abducted from her family in India as a baby, and died without ever knowing the companionship and comfort of another elephant again. We need your help to ensure that the zoo does not acquire another elephant and subject her to a similar lifetime of deprivation.

Manyula arrived at the zoo in 1955, where she was kept in a tiny enclosure. Elephants naturally live in large family groups, in which female offspring remain with their mothers for life, yet Manyula spent her life entirely alone.

Though deprived of all that was natural to her, Manyula was a national icon, beloved by the people of El Salvador, hundreds of whom turned out for her burial at the zoo. Now, a group of misguided Salvadoran businessmen wants to replace Manyula with another elephant.

Please help IDA convey the message to Salvadoran officials that the zoo should not hold elephants at all, and that it should instead use its resources to improve the welfare of other animals at the zoo and to pursue its mission of preserving and protecting native species who are threatened with extinction.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!