Stop the Aerial Slaughter of Australia's Camels

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Originally Posted: 12 Oct 2010

Stop the Aerial Slaughter of Australia's Camels



Tell Australian Minister Tony Burke to find a humane solution to problems related to overpopulation of camels in Australia rather than killing hundreds of thousands in aerial slaughters.

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Minister Tony Burke
PO Box 6022
Parliament House
CANBERRA ACT Australia 2600
phone (02) 6277 7640
fax (02) 6273 4120


The Australian Government are planning a mass aerial cull of hundreds of thousands of camels over the next four years. The most experienced marksmen cannot possibly shoot a fatal blow from a helicopter to that many camels which will result in many of them suffering for days on end in extreme agony on the ground. They are also promoting the eating of camel meat and exporting the camels dead or alive for their meat and milk.

The only humane way to control the camel population is to introduce contraception to these docile animals to prevent them from breeding which mass culling will not do. Culling these docile animals will not only leave their carcasses rotting on the ground and pollute the waterways but also encourage the camels that are left to increase them breeding therefore the problem will be an ongoing one.

The cull is also bad for Australian tourism as it is condemned by numerous other countries.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!